Standort KP-Logistik Koge

KP Logistik Køge A/S

Our modern administration building is located in Køge, not far from Copenhagen. It is here at our headquarters that the success story of our company began.

Centervej 9
4600 Køge
Phone: +45 4355 0755
E-mail: info@kp-logistik.com

Standort KP-Logistik Stavenhagen

KP Logistik Stavenhagen GmbH

The first branch was established in Stavenhagen in 1990. It is centrally located in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Since then, continuous growth in employees and vehicles has been achieved. Stavenhagen is also the headquarters of the administration.

Preetzer Str. 1
17153 Stavenhagen
Phone: +49 39954 376-0
E-mail: info@kp-logistik.com

KP Logistik Wustermark GmbH

We have been operating our branch in Wustermark since 2005. The GVZ Wustermark, located in the western belt of Berlin, offers a central location in the area of the new federal states.

Leipziger Str. 3
14641 Wustermark
Phone: +49 33234 20910-0
E-mail: info@kp-logistik.com

KP Logistik Szczecin Sp. z o.o.

Since 2021 we offer our services also in Poland. From here we support our partners in Poland and Europe.

Bonifraterska 17
00-203 Warsaw
Phone: + 48 887-777-606
E-mail: info@kp-logistik.pl